Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trumpeter EVAN WEISS creates MATH OR MAGIC


Composer/trumpeter EVAN WEISS
His Debut CD on Greg Osby's Inner Circle Music Label

Chamber Music For Fans of Modern Composition, Neo-Classical, Jazz and Beyond

What the press is saying about MATH OR MAGIC:

“…one of the leading lights for the big bands of tomorrow to look up to. Clearly a case of auspicious beginnings, if he does nothing more than run at this speed, he’ll always be finishing first. Hot stuff.”
-- Midwest Record

“A very impressive debut recording from trumperter composer Evan Weiss. He’s got a gorgeously sweet tone, sanded around the edges just right…”

“****…the young composer blends minimalism, neo-classical, jazz and chamber music into a unified whole which has many interlocking parts, conjoined thematic units and associated layers.”
-- Audiophile Audition

“Beautiful strings, vocal intrigues, piano wonderment and spell-weaving that just won’t let you disengage once you start listening to it.”
-- Dick Metcalf/Zzaj Productions

Evan Weiss was born and raised near Seattle, Washington and now back in North Texas after a year in NYC. In addition to playing the trumpet, much of his childhood was spent hiking and camping in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. While composing and improvising at an early age, he recognized the value of nature as a source for limitless inspiration. His daring and innovative debut recording MATH OR MAGIC on Greg Osby's Inner Circle Music label, touches on the organic and complex interconnections between the creative, the intellectual and the spiritual elements in Weiss's emerging palette.

Although he is well versed in bebop and swing, Evan’s improvisations are a departure from the traditional jazz solo. He is part of a new wave of musicians who seek an intensely personal approach to music. In the spirit of his jazz predecessors, Evan seeks to help the music evolve and grow for generations to come.

Evan’s debut album Math or Magic features voice, strings, woodwinds, symphonic percussion, and cinematic sound effects to send the listener through a mesmerizing array of musical environments. This project displays a sense of maturity and compositional unity that is very rare among musicians of such a young age.

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EVAN WEISS - Math Or Magic - Inner Circle Music INCM 018

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